Playing in the dirt with Fife Young Carers

Over the last few months some of the YAC leaders have been running single session, introduction to archaeology courses for Fife Young Carers groups.

FYC does an amazing job, supporting young folk often in very difficult circumstances and running fortnightly meetings with activities and food laid on for groups across the county. Dunfermline YAC leaders provided a meeting activity and even helped to eat the food on occasion!

Last week we used our collection of medieval pottery sherds and animal bones from around Fife to focus on medieval archaeology with junior groups meeting in Glenrothes and Kennoway.

The carers and leaders from each group have been so welcoming and enthusiastic, despite the occasional, initial reservation about dirt and old cow bones and teeth. We have seen some amazing work by the young folk over the months; meticulous trowelling, excellent recording of finds and some really creative use of the dig boxes, as you can see.

Dirt Sculpture in a Mini-Dig Box

Heritage Hero Award






The commitment of the young carers has been recognised by Archaeology Scotland, with all the young participants earning much deserved Heritage Hero awards.

So we really just wanted to say thanks so much for having us and we’re looking forward to more hands-on archaeology with Fife Young Carers in the future.


Medieval archaeology in a box
Amassing finds of medieval pottery, animal bones and toothbrushes.
Medieval archaeology in a box
Hands getting dirty