Look, its not a gravestone, its compacted rubble and human bone

Graveyard Dig 2016 – Day 16 and a half

I sneaked back to the graveyard to finish uncovering the gravestone that we thought we were excavating with Edinburgh YAC last Saturday.

I suppose it is possible that bits of what I found might once have been bits of gravestones, but if they were, it was a long time ago and they are now well on the way to reverting back to being sand.

The probe had actually detected a .5m wide band of compacted rubble with human bone inclusions, that felt just like a gravestone, but, as you can see from the photograph, most definitely is not.

So, what was this band of stone filling? How extensive is it? Was it deposited in 1927 along with most of the rubbish we have found on site, or is it part of an earlier feature? There was no ask or burnt coal, glass or pottery, which we had found plenty of in the context above.

So, not a gravestone, but definitely something of a mystery.

If only we were allowed to excavate more deeply!

Look, its not a gravestone, its compacted rubble and human bone
Look, its not a gravestone at all, its actually compacted rubble and human bone

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