YAC Graveyard Dig – Day 8

We had a late start on Sunday; Erin, Griffin, Dougie and myself enjoying the late summer sunshine and warmth. We didn’t dig, but spent our time planning the largest of the trenches excavated so that it can be (mostly) backfilled during the week.

The destructive treeFirst we finished off a plan that Charlotte and I had worked on during the week, adding in the tree that had been at least partially responsible for wrecking the nearest grave.

Next we thought it would be interesting to draw a profile of the trench to see better the differing heights of the four main gravestones.

Trench 1 gravestonesGriffin and Erin read off horizontal and vertical positions, I plotted them onto paper while Dougie rushed from one end of the dig to the other, explaining to hundreds of interested passers-by what we were up to.

We finished just as our two hours was up, and this is an inked version of what we came up with. The variation in level is perhaps partly the result of different amounts of subsidence across the trench. Gravestones 2 and 3, those with no surviving inscription, do not seem to have been set into the ground in the way Stones 1 and 2 do. Trench 1 profile diagramRather, they give the impression of having been placed onto the ground, presumably over graves that lie beneath.

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